Skillion Modern Flat Roof Shed

Build a Shed to Match your House

Skillion or mono slope buildings have flat angled roofs giving a very modern, minimalist architectural look.

Suitable for most residential garages and carports, farm or storage sheds and light industrial buildings, the flat design and steep pitch allow snow and water to easily run off, which makes them excellent for high rain regions.

Skillion roofs can be single level or split (double skillion) and these roof types are often used for annex or awning extensions. With your choice of COLORBOND® cladding and roof configuration, the ability to mix and match vertical or horizontal cladding profiles that provide a unique architectural feature in modern settings.

Ranbuild’s skillion roof range is made from BlueScope steel offering strength and durability with sleek roof lines. Request a quote today on one of the best sheds for sale in Australia.


Double Skillion Shed With Eaves

You’ve just built the house of your dreams and need a suitable garage to match! Ranbuild’s double skillion shed with eaves is the perfect accompaniment to any architectural house.

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Skillion Sheds

A great little Ranbuild skillion shed is waiting for you. Perfect for the side of the house where space is at a premium!

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Skillion Triple Garage With Awning

Ranbuild’s double skillion triple garage with awning is a seriously good looking shed.

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Skillion Deluxe With High Roller Door

Ranbuild’s skillion deluxe with a high roller door provides the stylish skillion roof with enough space to store large farm machinery, high vehicles, boats or trucks.

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Deluxe Horizontal Clad Garage with Eaves

Ranbuild’s deluxe horizontal clad garage with eaves is a perfect double garage with eave overhangs on both the side and fronts.

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Made and backed by BlueScope, Ranbuild only uses genuine Australian made COLORBOND® products.

Made for Australia’s harsh conditions and available in 22 beautiful designer COLORBOND® steel colours, your shed will look great and outlast cheaper, inferior cladding products. COLORBOND®, Australia’s favourite steel cladding.